Strategic Innovation – Jobs Theory

May 15, 2018

Northeast Ohio business leaders gathered for an interactive discussion with Taddy Hall, a contemporary of famed innovation authority, Dr. Clayton Christensen, co-authoring Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice and an independent research analyst with strategy guru Michael Porter. As a leading innovation expert, Taddy works closely with senior executives to improve innovation outcomes and drive growth, helping companies create regular, scalable innovation success.  He is regarded as a pioneer in the field of Jobs Theory. Thank you to HR Leadership Group of Northeast Ohio for collaborating on this program and to our sponsors, KPMG and BNY-Mellon for your support.

Many companies are finding success by refocusing their approach to their customers, and by empowering their people to look at what they do in a different way. Welcome to Jobs Theory. Jobs Theory is a customer-centric management approach that re-engineers how companies innovate, operate and market their products or services. With a focus on a deeper understanding of the “job” of a product or service, companies not only build stronger customer relationships, they gain a distinct competitive advantage. But this cannot happen without connecting this approach to the company’s talent. 

At the end of this session, participants walked away with: 

  • The tools and resources for orienting teams and individuals towards new value creation 
  • A new perspective to align talent and management practices with shifting customer needs
  • A method for simplifying and streamlining organizational systems and policies
  • A way of thinking that will promote and expedite innovation decisions

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