Innovation Management Program

InnoQuest is a continuous journey designed by and for business leaders charged with driving innovation at their companies.  The 2024 schedule blends practitioner-led and academic content with peer-based knowledge sharing, field trips, virtual sessions and a few surprises – all with the intent of improving the way innovation is approached, from corporate strategies to individual creativity.  Join us and other leaders from around Northeast Ohio.

** Virtual Sessions (8:50 – 10:30/11:00 AM); In-person (8:15 – 11:45 AM) **

Through the InnoQuest Program, participants gain:

  • Best practices in managing and guiding the innovation process
  • New working relations with peer companies and leading practitioners
  • Tools & actionable steps to improve a company’s innovation practices

We have a great group of companies participating in 2024, including:

Avery Dennison, Bridgestone Americas, Duquesne Light Company, Fortune Brands Innovation | Moen, GOJO, Hinkley, Kinetico, Lawrence Innovation, KJK, Lincoln Electric, Loomis Marketing, Lumitex, MAGNET, Nottingham-Spirk Design, NOVA / St. Gobain, Progressive Insurance, Sherwin Williams, Shurtape, STERIS Surgical Solutions, Weatherhead | Case Western Reserve University, and others.

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What are participants saying about InnoQuest?

The EDGE powered by MAGNET event was filled with the spirit of innovation! 💡Jean Bronold Angus, former CEO of St. Gobain’s Life Sciences division, led a discussion on “Innovation in the Driver’s Seat: A CEO’s Perspective”.   Her candid insights in fostering a culture of innovation were a masterclass in leadership and change management … Connecting with fellow innovators and business leaders from NEO was equally enriching. Events like these remind us that innovation is a continual journey, requiring us to challenge ourselves and our norms.”  – April Bertram, Director of Product Management, Lenovo

I liked the discussions on People/Leadership and Culture/Process. Two take aways: 1. Most of the companies face similar challenges – resistance to change and group-think. I appreciated the discussion on micro cultures that help spread innovation throughout organization 2. In the process discussion, i found very good approach to reach out to each individual to explain how important they are to each step of the process as to increase their preparedness and contribution to the process.” – Avery Dennison

InnoQuest is a critical partner in NEO’s ecosystem, bringing the voice of industry partners into economic development.” – Team NEO

Lots of interesting ideas and thoughts flying around. I never leave a session without new ideas.” – Lincoln Electric

The opportunity to get hands-on with a technology that hasn’t quite made its way into many industries was great. Opened people’s eyes to the potential in their own space.” – Progressive Insurance

First time joining … Great gathering of like-minded people. I’m excited to keep this going and possibly bring team members in the future.” – Kinetico

I very much appreciate being connected with experts in the area to see their opinions. It is unlikely I would encounter many of these folks without EDGE.” – GOJO

First-time participant (virtual session):It was actually a great first introduction to the program. I was able to meet peers and talk about topics that I’m currently struggling with. There were suggestions specifically around gathering ideas that I’m going to be looking more into and talking to a few people about. It does sound like we could all use some more conversations around metrics/KPIs. The small groups gave me a chance to get to know a few people, and I’ve already had some side conversations since the meeting. I’m really looking forward to the future meetings and bringing some more of (my) team along.” – Katie Walsh, Director, Engineering and Innovation, Performance Health

I travel all over the world to hear innovation speakers, and the presenters EDGE has are on par or even better.  (InnoQuest is) a gem right here in Cleveland.” – Collin Moore, Director, Strategic Innovation/Open Innovation Studio, Avery Dennison

Moen’s participation in the InnoQuest Program has helped us to think more broadly about how we influence our innovation climate and has introduced us to some really fun and effective approaches to enhancing individual and collective creativity.” – Tony Marchetta, Senior Director, Innovation, Fortune Brands | Moen

We have really enjoyed and benefited from being in the group that crosses many industry sectors.  In fact, I would say this is a unique strength of the InnoQuest program.  I am not a member of any other regular group that has this cross-pollination effect.  We have learned so much about the industries in our region, and we have made contacts and opened opportunities for collaborative projects crossing between healthcare and other industry/community entities.”  – Stefan Agamanolis, Former Chief Innovation Officer, Akron Children’s Hospital

Collin Moore, Director, Strategic Innovation, Avery Dennison

“Innovation requires getting outside of one’s daily space, and the InnoQuest meetings are a perfect opportunity for me and my team to gain new insights to help us on our journey to becoming a proven creative and innovative company.”
– Joseph Majewski, Former President/CEO, ChromaScape

“Having a group of local business leaders in one room with the same goal of innovation is so valuable. Networking (through the program) has helped us address a number of challenges over the years.”
John Kreft, Director of Engineering and New Product Development, Gebauer Co.

Additional testimonials:

I have been a part of the EDGE InnoQuest events for several years. Every session that the EDGE team puts together is well thought through and inspirational. We, the local business leaders, had a chance to discuss books with the authors, ask questions of the entrepreneurs who are operating on the cutting edge of the innovation, and experience the new technology first-hand … but the most amazing experience has always been creating a link from these discussions to our own life and work problems and their resolution.” Anna Frolova-Levi, Executive Director, Weatherhead School of Management

A great way to connect with other businesses in Northeastern Ohio working to advance their innovation system … I would highly recommend participating in this group if you want to advance your organization’s innovation efforts!” – April Bertram, Business Development Director

Hats off to the EDGE team for continuing to address new ways & tools to challenge innovators.” – Rene’ Polin, President, Balance + Design

Other testimonials:

  • “EDGE is always a great place to learn and meet new people with different perspectives and experiences.”
  • “InnoQuest is simply the best. I strongly suggest that any serious innovation manager participate.”
  • “Always a great way to connect with innovation leaders in NE Ohio and learn how industries are advancing.”
  • “InnoQuest events are a wonderful opportunity to learn from others in Northeast Ohio and to feel optimistic about our region’s future.”
  • “Well organized. Good interactions. Engaging audience.”
  • “InnoQuest has offered several great opportunities for us to learn about other organizations and how they innovate, giving us a chance to think about things differently.”
  • “Always informative and thought-provoking.”
  • “InnoQuest provides us with a valuable opportunity to connect and learn from other innovation leaders in various sectors across NE Ohio. We are so fortunate to have this organization.”
  • “I love it! Innovation is a lonely business at times. It is a breath of fresh air to be around other people who have similar struggles.”