EDGE sparks profitable business growth for mid-sized companies in Northeast Ohio by accelerating the exchange of knowledge and experience among CEOs and leadership teams.


Establish Northeast Ohio as the preeminent environment to grow successful mid-size businesses.


Pioneering, Collaborative, Resourceful, Learning, Relationship Driven.


Founded in 2005, EDGE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit economic development organization that helps mid-sized companies in Northeast Ohio achieve profitable growth by accelerating the exchange of knowledge and experience among CEOs and leadership teams. EDGE provides its members with an invaluable opportunity to develop their leaders, grow their company and improve Northeast Ohio through programs, services and events geared specifically for them.

The benefits of EDGE membership include an exclusive network of trusted peers to learn with and from through various programs, including roundtable and peer group meetings, executive forum series, executive retreats, innovation management and leadership development courses. .

EDGE engages top graduate-level students from Northeast Ohio colleges and universities through the EDGE Fellows program to provide a distinct advantage to participating companies by helping business leaders focus on their new ideas by providing quality primary research, data analysis, a comprehensive report and recommendations that helps companies capitalize on new opportunities.

EDGE encourages organizations to be actively involved in the community through participating in EDGE hosted events and philanthropy efforts that improve the lives of everyone in northeast Ohio.

Job Opportunities

EDGE seeks to identify candidates who have a passion for EDGE’s mission to enhance economic development in Northeast Ohio.


Value of Membership

EDGE member companies represent a select-group of Northeast Ohio mid-market companies that are interested in fostering learning organizations, growing the value of their companies, and investing in the their communities .

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