Ryder Cup

Are you a golfer who enjoys a friendly competitive round?

Are you a senior level businessperson looking to strengthen your relationships with contemporaries in similar positions?

Consider attending the Annual EDGE Ryder Cup trip to Florida. This event includes four days of innovative Ryder Cup golf competition in the afternoons mixed with intriguing business discussions in the mornings. The relationships, fun and great business ideas will have you reflecting on them for years to come.

Overview / History

The four-day program can take anywhere from 12 – 24 CEO/President/Senior Leaders from growing companies in northeast Ohio. It is held annually in March, and it is a fundraiser event in support of EDGE and the economic development programs it creates for the region.

Agenda (Thursday – Sunday)

Thursday: Ohio attendees fly to Florida. (Other attendees that live in Florida may join, too.)  Thursday afternoon includes a practice-round of golf with cash prizes for the top individual low net scores as well as for “skins.”

Friday and Saturday mornings are reserved for roundtable business discussions, which are lively, informative and entertaining. They are so interesting that we often have a hard time getting everybody to stop their conversations so we can go play golf in the afternoon! This is where the real interpersonal bonding takes place as well as the learning opportunities between the different participating companies.

Friday afternoon starts the EDGE Ryder Cup format. Teams are decided by equalizing the individual handicaps, so the total for both teams is close to the same. Captains are chosen, and they determine the pairings for the next three days.

  • The first competition is a four-ball format (better net score of the partners/hole vs. the best net score of the two competitors).
  • Saturday afternoon is a modified alternate shot, which prior attendees have found to be the most fun round of the weekend.
  • Sunday morning – get up early for straight up individual matches, followed by showers, presenting awards to the winning team, having a quick bite to eat and then returning to Cleveland that afternoon.

Those who attend come for the golf but come back year after year based on the intriguing business discussions and wonderful camaraderie/relationship building. It is interesting to hear and discuss the latest business issues/problems/opportunities, politics, and recent books read. The last couple of years’ discussions have been the best yet as we had ample expertise from our attendees for in-depth analysis of how to handle Mergers & Acquisitions, the Coronavirus, and advice to new technology businesses. We hope you’ll join this great group for a fun and very worthwhile four days.

Interested? Contact: Kirk Neiswander, President

Upcoming Golf Events:

EDGE Ryder Cup
March 14 – 17, 2024

Mayfield Sandridge
September 2024

For more information contact: Kirk Neiswander, Kirk@edgeneo.org.