Hire EDGE Fellows

Need help exploring and validating growth opportunities?
Are you trying to prioritize where and how to apply your limited resources?
Perhaps the Summer EDGE Fellows Program can help.
Each year EDGE provides northeast Ohio companies a dedicated resource that does not require a lot of time or resources to get meaningful insights and actionable recommendations.  EDGE hires top graduate-level talent as independent consultants and leverages the support of market research professionals, experienced business mentors, and university resources to help companies focus on areas of greatest interest and need. Consider engaging a Summer EDGE Fellows Team to help you explore your future growth.

EDGE Fellows add value for participating companies:

  • 17-years of program success in working with companies and students; this includes over 100 projects, including 20 with Scalerator-affiliated companies.
  • Top-notch graduate-level students are recruited, trained and overseen by EDGE;
  • No HR involvement needed as EDGE hires students as Independent Consultants;
  • Limited time commitment needed to oversee (about 1-2 hours/week);
  • A designated resource focused on one task – providing value and actionable recommendations to host company;
  • Involvement of experienced industry mentors and EDGE staff who work with teams in a structured, guided program;
  • Leveraging EDGE’s connections at area universities and throughout the region;
  • Affordable, quality research that receives continuous support from area foundations;
  • Each year nearly 40% of projects come from repeat companies; 50% of projects studied turn into new revenue and/or additional investment for companies within 2-3 years.
  • See Success Stories

Testimonials from Participating Companies:

“We’ve had two outside consultants look at this growth opportunity, and within the first two weeks, we were getting more value from the Fellows than from the professionals.”  – Brian Fink, CEO, Duramax Marine

“The whole experience was great. … The report has been well received … and we plan on using this material to go to market.” – Monica, Director of Marketing, Avery Dennison

“Program was enjoyable and worthwhile. We liked the 10-week timeframe.
Excellent caliber of Fellows and Mentors, and the professional process & product.” – Steve Williams, CEO, Packaging Tech

“They were instrumental in saving us considerable expense in pursuing an incorrect idea. Additionally, they provided an alternate route to growth that we are pursuing at present!” – Phil Misch, President, Intellitronix

“Well-managed program with industry experts participating. I would highly recommend the program.”  – Peter Gingras, President, Viscus Biologics

“The team’s performance on final results, quality of work and overall preparation was second to none. They took on the project like a work in progress and modified their attack as necessary.”  John Milgram, President, Aexcel Corporation

“I have done a few other undergraduate and business school projects with groups of students, but never have I had the dedication and devotion and final product that I received from the EDGE Fellows. The setup of the program and the resources at the interns disposal, all served to make this a highly successful project.” – Brad Pulver, President, Innovative Medical Equipment

“Can’t say enough what a great job (our team) did. But the fact that we’ve asked them to help with another project speaks volumes.” – Harvey Nelson, Co-President, Main Street Gourmet

“The caliber of student is definitely not your typical intern – these students are dedicated and committed to learning and adding value.” – 1 EDI Source

“The business experience and deliverables were very rewarding and the payback substantial, especially for the time allotted. It’s refreshing to see things through a much younger and talented set of eyes. The students were serious about the program and their work. Great concept for resource collaboration and efforts to reside and prosper in Northeastern Ohio.” – Cres Cor

“The EDGE Fellows teams are incredibly bright and can enable a company to look beyond its normal boundaries. These teams are not jaded by “it can’t be done” but push to find “how it can be done.” This subtle difference in approach can yield the proverbial out of box thinking and generate new and differing product ideas.”

“I would strongly encourage (participation in the program), especially if resources are limited within an organization to perform important market research … I was extremely surprised how quickly they picked up the technology required in understanding our product … The research supplied will be used for years to come.” – Radix Wire Company

“If you have the opportunity to use EDGE interns for a summer program – grab it.” – Kichler Lighting