InnoQuest | Think Big! with Lincoln Electric and P&G

December 9, 2021 | 8:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

EDGE’s InnoQuest participants will receive an insider’s peek at the astounding technological works at Lincoln Electric’s Additive Solutions facility, we’ll also be treated to a talk with Karen Hershenson, the Director of Innovation of GrowthWorks, Proctor & Gamble’s internal innovation accelerator program.

While Lincoln is a long-venerated company known for world-class welding technology, it is rapidly becoming a premier partner for large-format additive manufacturing solutions, pioneering the marriage of welding expertise with robotics and 3D printing of metals and ceramics to produce what looks like very expensive works of art (or science, as the case may be).  Of course, these are all real-world applications, serving industries like automotive, marine, and aerospace in ways that completely disrupt traditional manufacturing and design processes.

InnoQuest is a continuous journey designed by and for people charged with driving innovation.   The 2021 schedule blends practitioner-led and academic content with peer-based knowledge sharing, field trips and a few surprises – all with the intent of improving the way innovation is approached, from corporate strategies to individual creativity.  Join us and other leaders from around Northeast Ohio.

Through the InnoQuest Program, participants gain:

  • Best practices in managing and guiding the innovation process
  • New working relations with peer companies and leading practitioners
  • Tools & actionable steps to improve a company’s innovation practices

Contact Chris Keller for more information and to enroll in the EDGE InnoQuest program.