Extended Reality … A Look Beyond

February 13, 2020

How can Extended Reality (XR) technology enhance your customer experience, shape the product design process and improve training?

Through our InnoQuest Innovation session, Northeast Ohio innovation leaders gathered at Vocon – a cutting-edge architectural and design firm in mid-town Cleveland – and learned more about Extended Reality (XR) applications – including augmented, virtual and mixed reality. With RazorEdge we explored how XR technology can enhance customer experience and shape design processes, and we tried out new technologies – including a variety of VR headsets and applications and Vocon’s new VR Design Room.  Plus, we experienced the amazing Vocon offices, so we could see a space that makes a statement to all who enter that is consistent with Vocon’s marketing message and company values. 

What participants are saying:

“VR is already here.  People who adopt it early will lead innovation.”

“Got to experience cutting edge technology in a real-world application because of EDGE.  Makes us keep up with new innovation.”

Key Takeaways:.

  • XR isn’t a tech; it’s a new channel for communication.
  • Saw how different applications can help improve design and customer experience.
  • New applications for business are emerging (marketing, healthcare, products, training, processes).
  • XR can be a powerful and cost-effective design tool as well as an external sales and marketing tool.

About the InnoQuest Innovation Management Program:

A collaborative forum offered bi-monthly to leaders and innovation practitioners of mid- to large-sized companies in Northeast Ohio. Participants gain best practices in managing and guiding the innovation process, new working relations with peer companies & leading practitioners and actionable steps to improve a company’s innovation practices. Program content has included: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Lean Start-Up Principles, Design Thinking and Creativity in Leadership. Each session is held at a location of interest throughout the region; past locations have included; Sherwin Williams, The Technology House, NASA Glenn Research Center, Baldwin Wallace Center for Innovation and Growth, Parker Hannifin’s New Innovation Center and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

To participate in the InnoQuest Innovation Management program contact:
Chris Keller (; 216-346-6300) or Grant Marquit (; 216-215-5058)