Executive Forum: Future Factories Symposium with Mike Paton, Traction

Future Factories: A Symposium of Talent, Technology & Tactics:

EDGE, along with our Forum sponsors, BNY-Mellon and KPMG, is pleased to present the keynote speaker, Mike Paton.  Mike is an integral part of EOS Worldwide and an author, with Gino Wickman (“Traction”), of “Get a Grip.”   In an opening keynote to all conference attendees, Paton will share some of the essentials of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Following the keynote, EDGE members will continue to learn in a workshop format, with several EOS Implementors on hand to guide us.  Be prepared to work on your business.   In this regard, EDGE would like each attendee to start thinking like an owner, as each of you “owns” a part of your respective organization and the value it creates for you, your company, your team, vendors and customers.  Following the workshop, we will reconvene with the rest of the conference attendees for a lunch and luncheon speaker!

In particular, you will learn:

  • How to clarify your vision so that everyone is rowing in the same direction
  • How to get the right people in the right seats, and plan for growth
  • How to get better accountability from your team by setting short term goals and prioritizing the issues that come up
  • How to set up the processes that make the work clear and consistent
  • How to gain traction so you can execute your plan at a pace that satisfies your growth goals

Each company is encouraged to send multiple attendees.

For more information and to register contact, Grant Marquit,

We’re especially excited about the partnership we’ve formed with MAGNET, Cleveland Engineering Society, Greater Cleveland Partnership and ManufacturingWorks to present this half-day conference. On behalf of our team at EDGE and our gracious sponsors, KPMG and BNY-Mellon, we look forward to seeing you on Sept. 26!

About the Speaker: Mike Paton is passionate about helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lives. The product of an entrepreneurial household and an early career in banking, Paton spent ten years leading entrepreneurial companies before discovering EOS over a dozen years ago. Instantly drawn to its timeless concepts and simple, practical tools – he became a Certified EOS Implementer. Since then he’s conducted over 1,200 sessions for more than 110 companies, and as EOS Worldwide’s Visionary is leading more than 250 EOS Implementers across the globe in their efforts to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

We look forward to your participation!

The EDGE Executive Forum Series is designed with entire management teams in mind, always brings high-level thought to propel middle-sized businesses towards the cutting edge of best practices in value creation.

Sponsored by:

BNY Mellon


This quarterly breakfast program is designed for senior leaders of mid-size growth driven companies headquartered here in northeast Ohio, and features topics and speakers that are current and important to any business leader faced with top-level strategic and operational choices. EDGE Member organizations are invited to send up to 8 members of their leadership team to each program.

For more information and to register contact, Grant Marquit,