EDGE Executive Forum | Continuous Re-Invention: the OverDrive Story

August 29, 2023 | 8:00- 10:45 a.m.

Please join us on the morning of Aug. 29 with your senior team (up to 5 people per company) for a tale of leadership, growth, re-invention and culture at one of northeast Ohio’s most formidable mid-size companies.

OverDrive, founded in 1986, was a perpetual Weatherhead 100 honoree for decades as Steve Potash led its re-invention through rapid technological change.  Now serving customers in 109 countries, OverDrive continues to push the limits of digitization with schools, libraries and publishers, driving a passionate workforce that consistently creates new value.  How do values, culture and mission drive this evolution and growth?

This really is a fascinating and revealing story, and one that growth companies like yours can take away lessons and inspiration and apply them to your own operations.  We leave it up to you to pass along this invitation as you see fit.  Typically, companies bring along their senior functional leaders: anyone who plays a strategic role in the growth or your shop.

Sponsors:  BNY-Mellon and MAGNET.