Enterprise Leadership

January 20, 2021 | Workshop 3

High impact education for senior leaders.

The program includes directed studies, applied learning through consulting, and executive coaching. Expected outcomes include:

  • Readying senior leaders to make even bigger strategic contributions to your organization.
  • Assessment of current leadership capabilities.
  • Refinement of each leader’s skill set to take on the perspective of people, process, and profits.
  • Exposure to challenges and enterprise development in multiple functions.
  • Making faster decisions using a multi-functional lens, better influence people to embrace positive change.
  • Leaders will form an internal strategy group to collaborate on consulting projects.
  • Leaders will grow their network of close relationships in an engaging and fun environment.

Program Goals. To infuse elite skills including:

  • Achieving financial results
  • Engaging employees
  • Growing tough markets
  • Balancing listening and asserting skills
  • Developing and communicating strategy
  • Building coalitions of people to foster change
  • Developing psychological safety at work so people can do their best.

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