Design & Innovation | Case Studies with Prof. Simon Peck

January 29, 2019

We kicked-off the 2019 Executive Forum Series on the morning of January 29 with a “brains-on” workshop led by esteemed Professor Simon Peck of the Weatherhead School of Management.  Dr. Peck, a professor of Design and Innovation who concentrates on executive performance, governance and strategy, offered several Case Studies of organizations that face growth challenges, whether operational or through their product and service matrices.   As growth companies continue to press alignment of their teams and encourage everyone to think and execute at the strategy level, this workshop provided an intense learning framework for critical thinking in these areas.

Key take-aways:
Leads to successful strategies:

  1. Relatively simple long-term objectives
  2. Deep understanding of their markets, where value is created and destroyed – and understanding where it’s going before anyone else
  3. Honest appraisal of capabilities of the organization, understanding strengths and weaknesses, leverage strength, develop weakness

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The EDGE Executive Forum Series is designed with entire management teams in mind, always brings high-level thought to propel middle-sized businesses towards the cutting edge of best practices in value creation.