New Power, with author, Jeremy Heimans

May 9, 2019

The redistribution of power away from central authorities to vast social movements has had dramatic effects on everything from branding to funding, and from leadership and management to strategy and innovation models.  The democratization trend is the basis of New Power, the book by authors Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms that is making big waves in the executive suite.  New Power is the follow-up to Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms’ landmark Harvard Business Review article and TED talk. It combines years of original research and decades of experience as movement-builders and leaders of world-changing organizations.

Understanding how these trends operate, and how they can work for business was the focus of this Executive Forum for leadership teams of EDGE Member companies in partnership with the HR Leadership Group of Northeast Ohio.  Drawing  from his book and other sources, Heimans addressed over 100 Northeast Ohio Business leaders on May 9, 2019 with such relevant questions as:

  • How do ideas spread and gain momentum in the new power generation?
  • What does “leadership” look like in leaderless movements?
  • How do we build bridges between old power models of complying and consuming with new power models of sharing, affiliating, and shaping?
  • How can organizations create the most value by bringing together higher purpose, material returns and participation within a transaction?
  • How does the New Power and Old Power framework apply to your organization, where are you now and where do you want to be?
The New Power Compass

New Power has been named best book of 2018 by Financial Times, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc. and CNBC, and Heimans has advised institutions such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and Unilever. A Harvard University grad and McKinsey & Co. alum, Heimans has addressed the Word Economic Forum at Davos, the United Nations, TED, and the Aspen Institute.   

‪Author, Jeremy Heimans of New Power shared his experience from the Executive Forum attended by EDGE and the HR Leadership Group of Northeast Ohio members! #newpowercommunity‬

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