Member Testimonials

“For a mid-sized company, EDGE is the perfect platform to make an investment for development of a leadership team. Our profitability has grown 60% and a lot of that growth was made possible through learning and growing our leadership team’s business acumen with EDGE.”

-Joe Majewski, CEO, ChromaScape

Strategic Planning - CEO Roundtable
Developing Leaders, Growing Communities

“We get ideas from EDGE meetings that we can actually implement. The changes we’ve made over the past few years have increased sales by 30% and quality scores by 50%.”

-Jim Allen, CEO, Mold Masters

Mapping Your Customer Experience at Vitamix
Developing a Succesful New Product Launch

“I wanted the leaders in our company to have access to groups of professionals who have similar jobs at other companies. I wanted them to be able to create connections and learn from others. If they faced a tough decision, they could pick up the phone and call someone who’s done what they might be doing. EDGE delivered this group for my team.”

-Harvey Nelson, CEO, Main Street Gourmet

Rising Professionals - Building Your Professional Presence
Data Analytics Across the Organization
InnoQuest at Akron Children's Hospital