Member Testimonials

“EDGE helps Martindale be a smarter, more nimble and effective organization. EDGE’s Membership, Scalerator, and Fellows programs provide all of us on the management team access to a network of business leader colleagues and exposes us to new ideas and world-class practitioners.  We are not alone with our challenges and know we have a trusted partner with EDGE.”

Linas Biliunas, President, Martindale Electric

Peter Broer, Lumitex
Peggy Grospitch, Lumitex

“As a member of EDGE from a family run business, I was looking to find a peer group of senior executives in which I could learn some best practices from individuals who have already experienced the same issues that I am now facing. I found the EDGE membership to be very welcoming and the meeting content to be rich and timely. Interesting and relevant topics offering practical ideas and solutions. I find the intimacy of the group to also be very worthwhile.”

– Ben Yost, General Manager, Yost Foods

Rich Gent, Gent Machine
Developing a Succesful New Product Launch

“For a mid-sized company, EDGE is the perfect platform to make an investment for development of a leadership team. Our profitability has grown 60% and a lot of that growth was made possible through learning and growing our leadership team’s business acumen with EDGE.”

-Joe Majewski, former CEO, ChromaScape 

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