InnoQuest | The Big Picture – Innovation Management

January 21, 2021 | 8:45 - 11:00 a.m.

To kick off the 2021 InnoQuest season, we asked internationally-recognized scholar and InnoQuest go-to guy, Stephen Brand, if he would take a STEP BACK and help the InnoQuest group get the BIG PICTURE on Innovation Management – helping us set the stage for another cycle of learning.  We feel that too often we get mired in the specifics of Innovation Management and forget that we’re on a journey. That said, it would serve us to revisit the map of the InnoRealm.

Taking a step away from the minutiae of any one component of Innovation Management practices (ex. creativity, risk assessment, IP portfolio mgmt., marketing new innovations, etc.), Stephen will help curate a sort of “State of the Art” in Innovation Management.  We’ll start with revisiting reasons for doing any of this in the first place.  Then we’ll examine how an organization even begins to strategize and execute an innovation management system.  What are the grand components of a high-performance innovation game?  How can we do very well at this game if we don’t really understand how to win?  Get the picture?

Stephen Brand is an advanced scholar of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development among other things.  He’s got a degree from Ohio State (BA ‘78, Multimedia Design & Production) and a couple graduate degrees from Harvard and Weatherhead School of Management as well as academic appointments (Babson, UMass, etc.), published articles, board appointments and practical experience running the Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron.  His sessions are known for keeping 3M in business (sticky-notes!), and this time we’ll be experimenting with several new forms of engagement, so that you may become guides on your own innovation quest!  See a draft of the 2021 Schedule, too.

In six bi-monthly sessions, participants gain:

  • Best practices in managing and guiding the innovation process
  • New working relations with peer companies & leading practitioners
  • Actionable steps to improve a company’s innovation practices.

Contact Chris Keller for more information and to enroll in the EDGE InnoQuest program.