Imagining the Human-Machine Collaboration – AI

October 3, 2018

Northeast Ohio innovation leaders gathered at Talent Launch with internationally-acclaimed Jens Ulrik Hansen (Managing Partner & Founder, Future Associates) for an in depth look at Imagining the Human-Machine Collaboration and the 21st Century Innovative Workplace.   Hansen, a unique futurist, intertwines social trends, power shifts and new technologies to inform corporate strategy and innovation models.  He explored the movement from the present to the future as not one step … and not an “event” but rather a process.  Innovation leaders looked at THE FUTURE and the strategy on getting there as really a practice that considers the options of possible futures with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reacts accordingly, setting ourselves up for experimentation, trial, etc.

This session challenged assumptions enough to shake one’s current reality, while giving a framework to react and plan for these radical and fundamental shifts to come. The way we work in the future will change – i.e. as teams or as individuals or value created and quantified in a myriad of ways. The discussion focused on how these new variables will affect business modeling and how we adapt in a general sense as individuals.

Key takeaways:

  • There are no more best practices ➔ Have to start an improve and learn as you go
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) = Algorithm + Big Data
  • How do we set our organizations up for success – future readiness?
    • Create Humanity while Embracing Technology
    • How can we create our own algorithms to stay competitive in a world Big Data / Data Analytics?
  • Companies fail because they over-invest in what they are good at today & under-invest in what they should be good at tomorrow.

About the InnoQuest Innovation Management Program:

A collaborative forum offered bi-monthly to leaders and innovation practitioners of mid- to large-sized companies in Northeast Ohio. Participants gain best practices in managing and guiding the innovation process, new working relations with peer companies & leading practitioners and actionable steps to improve a company’s innovation practices. Program content has included: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Lean Start-Up Principles, Design Thinking and Creativity in Leadership. Each session is held at a location of interest throughout the region; past locations have included; Sherwin Williams, The Technology House, NASA Glenn Research Center, Baldwin Wallace Center for Innovation and Growth, Parker Hannifin’s New Innovation Center and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

To participate in the InnoQuest Innovation Management program contact:
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