Hot Topic: Currency of Empathy with Dr. Jacqueline Acho

May 25, 2021 | 8:20 - 10:00 a.m.

Back by popular demand, Dr. Jacqueline Acho returns to EDGE to talk about the untapped power of empathy. She’ll take this “soft” idea and solidify it with neuroscience, primatology, economics, human development, and more. The title of her book, Currency of Empathy, is a deliberate juxtaposition of words that seem unrelated, but are not. You will come away from this interactive discussion with clarity about the recently touted, yet poorly understood human capacity of empathy. You will understand how to enhance your own capacity and to make space for others to grow their empathy as well. The implications are personal, organizational, and societal. The truth is that empathy is a superpower. Empathy is also healing, a long-held view Jackie saw even more clearly while fighting and surviving ovarian cancer in a pandemic. Without empathy, we face deep divisions, failing innovation, lack of employee engagement…and even the pathetic fact that mass shootings have resumed in the US coming out of lockdown. It’s high time we lean into empathy.

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