“The three smartest things I have done as a business executive over my career have been joining my industry association, putting together a board of advisors, and joining EDGE.”

– Rod Howell, Former President & CEO, Libra Industries

An EDGE CEO Cohort Group allows leaders to learn with an exclusive network of trusted CEO peers within a county, industry or special interest. Each meeting is professionally facilitated by a seasoned business executive, allowing for active and valuable round-table discussion. Exchanges lead to immediate implementable ideas and are conducted in a safe, trusting and confidential environment. All participants appreciate the formation of new professional and personal relationships.

Business leaders are challenged to leave each meeting with at least two takeaways that they can immediately apply to their business. This unique opportunity puts CEOs in the room with forward-thinking, growth-focused executives who embrace learning and are willing to share their successes and challenges with their peers.

CEO Cohort Benefits:

  • Access to EDGE network of other mid-size company cohorts from around Northeast Ohio as well as valuable aggregate data collected from all companies.
  • CEO Roundtable Meetings: professionally facilitated sessions (i.e. every other month).
  • For one or two CEO meetings/year and agreed upon by group, bring 2-3 additional leaders from your company based on the topic discussion.
  • Quarterly Executive Forum Series – for CEO and leadership team
  • Economic Forecast, CEO Panel, National Business Speaker, Regional Initiatives
  • EDGE annual end-of-the-year dinner reception for CEO & spouse.
  • Additional EDGE member discounts include:
    • CEO retreat, executive education courses, first-priority to Summer EDGE Fellows (interns)
  • New programs being developed:
    • Access to potential Advisors / Board members
    • Company culture assessment
    • Individual company innovation assessment & implementation
    • Access to current articles/books taken out to a company in the form of a report/discussion
    • Referrals of coaches for future leaders of your organization

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EDGE’s network of mid-size company CEOs and leadership teams are invested in growing their companies, developing current and future leaders, and improving Northeast Ohio.

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