EDGE Delta Force

June 18, 2019 | 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Is Your Company Ready for the Next Recession?

Preparing for a recession really means making sure your organization has in place best practices that will minimize problems should a recession emerge in the near future.


This meeting is an opportunity to review best practices that can help you financially weather a recession as well as take maximum advantage of economic growth:

Part 1:  Introduction to and Preparation for Weathering a Recession

  • Introduction to Recessions: What are they, what is the impact and how do we know?
  • What internal challenges actually increase and drive greater problems for organizations?
  • Preparation:  What are the seven key areas (best practices) that need to be addressed to be prepared to weather the downturn?
  • How can you benefit from recession planning in good times as well as bad?

Part 2: What is the Forecast for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio and What are the Plans for the Upcoming Year?

  • Northeast Ohio survey results
  • Even if your company is not in manufacturing, you will benefit from this conversation
  • Open Discussion: Is NEO Ohio preparing for a recession and have we implemented good business practices?

Part 3:  Group Discussion

  • What steps can each of us take in our own organization to better prepare for economic downturns and even economic growth?
  • Is preparing for a recession any different from sound business practices?
  • What 2-3 takeaways can we each engage in immediately to start preparing?

Leading our discussion is Dave Mustin, partner at Skoda-Minotti. Dave has been working with companies in the region to improve their operational practices.

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Professionally facilitated peer group meetings provide leaders with an opportunity to learn with and from leaders of other mid-size companies in Northeast Ohio facing similar challenges and opportunities in a trusting and confidential environment. Exchanges are robust and attendees are challenged to bring at least two takeaways back to their organization that can be immediately applied.