The Agility Factor with Christopher Worley | Executive Forum

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We are pleased to present Dr. Christopher Worley, author and professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the NEOMA School of Business in Paris, France and Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC. His work has been recognized internationally and his books and articles are regarded as the leading texts in their fields. Chris’ clients include Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Philips, PayPal and Unilever among others.

Worley’s academic and consulting work centers around processes that help companies sustain profitable growth and performance.  

During this program Chris Worley will cover:

  • The theories and research around the Agility Factor based on countless hours of scientific examination
  • Case examples of organizations that have effectively addressed strategy and process level challenges
  • Ways that you might begin to develop specific capabilities to adapt an Agility mindset

Here is a short video to help you get a quick sense of what Agility is about.

Chris Worley is the author of five booksBuilt to Change, Management Reset, Organization Development and Change.

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