Enterprise Leadership

High impact education for senior leaders

Recent research has revealed that fewer than 2% of all senior leaders had an enterprise perspective.  Few were seen as being able to lead internal operations, people, and external client-facing operations (or other important external groups).  The 2% who were perceived as being able to lead all three were considered key high-potential talent.  In another recent global study with a large consumer goods company, leaders who were exceptional at getting financial results, engaging employees, and growing tough markets were also found to be better at balancing their listening and asserting skills, having strategic conversations, building coalitions of people to foster change, coaching for performance, and developing psychological safety at work so people could do their best.  The Enterprise Leadership program is designed to help prepare a select group of your employees to master these elite skills. 

  • Executive Core’s mission is to more quickly innovate professional development globally for corporations and business schools alike.
  • Barb teaches executive MBA students at Michigan State University and University of Notre Dame.
  • She has worked with thousands of high-potentials leaders around the globe.
  • Barb has dedicated her career to developing leaders who remain focused on the business priorities, anticipate the future, and remove obstacles.

Target audience. High potential direct reports to the CEO.

Program Goals. To infuse elite skills including:

  • Achieving financial results
  • Engaging employees
  • Growing tough markets
  • Balancing listening and asserting skills
  • Developing and communicating strategy
  • Building coalitions of people to foster change
  • Developing psychological safety at work so people can do their best.

Program Design. The program includes directed studies, applied learning through consulting, and executive coaching. Expected outcomes include:

  • Readying senior leaders to make even bigger strategic contributions to your organization.
  • Assessment of current leadership capabilities.
  • Refinement of each leader’s skill set to take on the perspective of people, process, and profits.
  • Exposure to challenges and enterprise development in multiple functions.
  • Making faster decisions using a multi-functional lens, better influence people to embrace positive change.
  • Leaders will form an internal strategy group to collaborate on consulting projects.
  • Leaders will grow their network of close relationships in an engaging and fun environment.

Duration. Six classes spread over nine months beginning a full day October 21, 2020 followed by mornings:

  • December 2
  • January 20
  • March 3
  • May 5
  • June 9

Cost. Tuition is included with EDGE membership for first enrollee. $1000 for each additional enrollee. $500 per person assessment fee. Non-member pricing available. Please contact EDGE at number below.

Participation. To ensure a premier experience, 100% attendance is required.

Enterprise Leadership

High impact education for senior leaders

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