Aligning Culture, Values, & Performance

March 12, 2020

Dr. Kim Cameron, and internationally known Professor at The Ross School of Business and the School of Education at the University of Michigan, led a workshop during the EDGE mini-retreat focusing on aligning culture, values, and performance.  EDGE members gathered at the Culinary Vegetable Institute, truly one of Ohio’s hidden gems. Not only were attendees brains rewarded with empowering discussion led by Dr. Cameron, their senses were also rewarded with food and a venue unlike anything else in the region. 

Overwhelming evidence supports the notion that Positive Organizational Psychology (POP) correlates to enhanced organizational performance, as measured by increased profitability, shareholder value, employee engagement, lowered healthcare costs, etc. POP practices include building on strengths (individual and team), supporting open communication (while promoting accountability), creating a positive, energizing culture, drastically reducing fear, etc.  Dr. Kim Cameron shared these findings, along with tools and systems, with our group in workshop format. Further, CVI staff shared very interesting information about their own business practices, processes and products and prepared several outstanding farm-to-table meals for us!  All told, a great experience learning with seasoned business professionals, from an acclaimed scholar, in a world-class venue!

Here’s what participants had to say:

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