A.I. as a Driver of Innovation

April 27, 2023

EDGE recently hosted an exclusive gathering of Northeast Ohio innovation leaders to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Some key insights from the expert panel:
  • Consider starting use of AI now with low-risk use cases.  What are your pain points and what consumes a lot of labor? A.I. can automate complex decision-making processes to bring new insights and efficiency. 
  • AI is still in its infancy and therefore prone to mistakes (called “hallucinations”) and uncertainty relative to copyright and privacy issues.  Think critically when reviewing output.    
  • As with just about anything else, practice makes perfect.  Start experimenting daily with tools such as Bard or ChatGPT 4.0.  Writing effective prompts takes trial and error. 
  • There is much uncertainty and debate on what A.I. means for the future of work, ranging from “it will lead to more jobs in the short terms as we tap in to its full potential” to “many white collar jobs will get replaced” to everything in between. 

Many thanks to our fantastic panel and speakers: Cal Al-Dhubaib (CEO, Pandata), Mike Fisher (Advisor and Former CTO, Etsy; Fish Food for Thought), Dr. Rob van Haaren (Founder/CTO,; A.I. Business Consulting; BRITE Energy Advisor), and Dr. Joe Fox (Director, Fitzgerald Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Univ. of Akron). Thank you also to InnoQuest’s presenting sponsor, Polaris Automation and to the event host and sponsor, MAGNET.

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